Monday, November 14, 2016

Stop Me if You Have Heard This One... 
So this agent goes to a producer and says, "Do I have an act for you!"

"Tell me about it." the producer said.

"It goes like this: this rich guy, who is really fat and thinks he is attractive. He looks like he is wearing clown make-up but he isn't. He does a great impression of a disabled person. He also encourages his audience to attack any black people in the audience.

"He wants to have sex with his daughter and grabs womens' vaginas when he first meets them. He has beseeched gun owners to shoot his rival and.."

The producer interrupts the agent and says, "Stop right there. I've heard it before. It's called 'The Aristocrats.'"

"No. It's called 'Mr. President-Elect.'"

Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Mitch McConnel and Paul Ryan Will Now Run Amok 
They were bad before Drumpf but will America ever be able to recover from their evil plans they have for US?

It had to be said: 

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