Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Did I Mention? 
I am now an A List Blogger.

Recession Ahead? 
Investors can't seem to get their fill of food stocks like Campbell's and Hershey's and Archer Daniels Midland.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Sen Reid Must Resign As The Democrats' Senate Leader 
Sen Harry "Benedict Arnold" Reid must resign as leader of the Democrats. His vote for Generalissimo Hayden is proof of his willingness to bow to tyrant Bush's lawlessness. From the horse's ass himself:

I support the nomination of General Hayden as the new Director of the Central Intelligence Agency. Based on my review of his long record as a career intelligence man and his answers to some important questions during his confirmation hearing, I am hopeful General Hayden will provide the CIA the kind of non-partisan leadership it has sorely lacked for the past several years.
I guess that is because he will illegally wiretape Democrats and Republicans. You can't get more bipartisan than that.
And I am also hopeful that this nomination signifies that the Bush Administration has recognized, finally, that professionals, not partisans should be put in charge of national security.
What crack have you been smoking, Senator?

“General Hayden has impeccable credentials and a career in intelligence matters that is as impressive as it is long.
Senator, you are far too fucking easily impressed. Ordering illegal wiretaps is not an accomplishment. What color is the sky in your office, Harry?
Anyone can read the public record and quickly see that this man is more than qualified for this job.
Because everyone knows that CIA directors are supposed to break the law - heh.

And my personal meeting with General Hayden shortly after he was nominated only served to reinforce that impression.
Fess up, Harry, did he have pictures of you with a live boy or a dead girl?

I met with him privately – one on one – in my office just off this floor, for more than 45 minutes. During the course of that meeting, we discussed General Hayden’s career in the Air Force from 1969 until today and his dedicated service to America’s intelligence community that ultimately earned him a fourth star.
I don't care where you gave him his blow job. I want to know why you voted for the lawless motherfucker.

“My meeting convinced me that General Hayden understands and respects the role of Congress in national security matters.
Generalissimo Hayden was also impressed with your knowledge of your role in the Federal government. Congress makes the laws and Hayden breaks the laws.

He seems to grasp how essential it is that he consult regularly with the congressional leadership on these critical issues. And he seems to recognize the need to keep the congressional oversight committees fully informed about the intelligence community’s activities.
Are you implying, Sen. Reid, that you were informed of Generallissimo Hayden's illegal actions and you approved? Change your party to Republican now, please. I hate false advertising.

“All of these are important because we are a nation at war and actions by the Bush Administration have left our intelligence community – this nation’s eyes and ears on those who mean us harm – in disarray. As a direct result of this Administration’s actions, the Central Intelligence Agency and those it placed under contract have been directly implicated in numerous instances of abuse of detainees that have given this nation a black eye around the world and been counterproductive to winning the fight against terrorism. The findings of our intelligence community are increasingly questioned by the American people and the world. And scores of incredibly talented and experienced career intelligence professionals have been driven from their jobs because they insisted on speaking the truth rather than tow the Administration’s line.
Senator, not to mean any disrespect, but your fly is open. Your support of Generallisimo Hayden isn't a slap in the face to Bush. Idiot.

“Things apparently got so out of hand at CIA in recent months that the President’s intelligence advisory board finally had to intervene and recommend change.
You think Bush's last appointee wasn't doing what he was told? What makes you think this asshole is any different from the last Republican asshole, dickweed?

“All of these developments have harmed national security and placed Americans at greater risk. And it is against this difficult backdrop that the Senate debates the nomination of General Hayden. As Senator Levin said in the confirmation hearings, “The next Director must right this ship and restore the CIA to its critically important position.”
And we are all safer now because Generallisimo Hayden has my private phone conversations on his iPod?

“I want to briefly lay out the three major challenges that I believe General Hayden faces in ensuring that he achieves the success the Senate expects of his tenure.
“The first challenge is independence.
Copnsidering the leader of the opposition party caved in like a house of cards, I am sure Hayden believes he can do whatever the hell he wants - including illegal warrantless wiretapping of innocent Americans.
“General Hayden needs to speak truth to power and call the shots as he sees them, not as he thinks his boss wants them seen. Rebuilding the independence of intelligence also means ending its politicization. General Hayden must stand up to an Administration that has either attempted to bully the intelligence community into saying what it wanted or worked around it when it couldn’t get the answers it needed. General Hayden must provide assurances to Congress that intelligence assessments, and professional intelligence civil servants, will be protected from outside interference, not politicized.
Sen. Reid, if you believe this lawbreaking Republican asshole can speak truth to power, I have a bridge in Arizona I would like to sell you.
“The second challenge is openness to oversight.
Bzzzt! You lose. Thanks for playing.

“This Administration has refused to follow the law
and you intend to fight the Adminstration's lawlessness by voting for the person who implemented the Bush's lawlessness? You have been smoking more crack than all the whores in DC.
and Senate rules that require keeping the intelligence committees fully and currently informed of important intelligence practices.
News flash, the CIA's role in rendition and torture under Bush's orders were news before you voted for Goss.
Administration ideologues have apparently authorized detention and interrogation practices that have backfired in our efforts in the war on terror, and concocted controversial legal arguments for presidential powers backing a warrantless surveillance program that circumvents the law – all without keeping Congress properly informed as required under the law. General Hayden must ensure that Congress is able to carry out its constitutional obligations on critical national security matters.
Hiring the chief wiretapper will fix this how?

“The third challenge is fixing our strategy in the war on terror.
We are so much safer now that Generalissimo Hayden knows that I call my brother in Massachusetts once a month or so. In fact, I think Northampton is where Saddam is hiding his WMD.
“After more than four years of the war on terror, Osama bin Laden remains at large and Al Qaeda and other radical fundamentalist terrorist organizations pose a grave threat to our security. Terrorist attacks have increased not decreased on this Administration’s watch. Two of the three so-called Axes of Evil are more dangerous today than they were when President Bush first uttered that memorable phrase and the third, Iraq, is on the verge of becoming what it was not before the war – a haven and launching pad for international terrorists. And America’s standing in the world has reached record lows in critical regions of the world.
And you intend to fix it by voting for Bush's #1 "fix-it" man?

“In the short run, General Hayden must insist that the Bush Administration redouble and refocus its efforts that go after “high value targets”. It is a travesty – a travesty – that nearly 5 years after 9/11, the Bush Administration has not captured or killed Osama bin Laden. The CIA must lead efforts to understand the challenge posed by Iran and North Korea and their nuclear ambitions.
Newsflash, Senator, Osama works for the CIA. Why will they hunt down their employee of the month?
“General Hayden must also build a global human intelligence capability over the next several years with diverse officers who understand the cultures and speak the languages of every key target across the entire globe. The CIA must play a leading role in understanding how to help win the battle of ideas going on within the Islamic world, and how to change the calculus of the young so that new generations of terrorists are not created.
If that is what you wanted, then I think Joe Wilson or Valerie Plame would have been better choices for CIA director.
“These are all large and important challenges, with grave consequences for America and the world. Based on everything I have seen I am hopeful he is up to the task. And I am hopeful this Administration will let him do the job for which it nominated him.“
Shorter Reid philosophy, "Fool me 780 times, shame on you; fool me 1026 times, shame on me."

Email to Sen. Murray 
The NSA shouldn't be spying on Americans without a warrant. What the hell were you thinking when you voted for Generallisimo Hayden? Please resign immediately, Sen. Murray, your vote for fascism was not why I voted for you in 2004. Have you no shame? Have you no respect for the American Constitution? How could you vote for this lawless man? Please do not run in 2010. I will support whoever runs against you.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Email To Sen. Cantwell 
Thank you, Sen. Cantwell for voting against Generalissimo Hayden. If you had voted to confirm him I would voted against both Democrats and Republicans in the US Senate race in Washington state.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Yes - They Are Crazy As Loons 
This far right religious group of Republican voters is chock full of nuts but passing laws against their tasteless demonstrations is also nuts.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Bush Asks For Wall With Mexico In Photo-Op 
The President of Venezuela visits Nogales and says, "Mr. Bush, tear down this wall!"

Senators Crumble Before General 
Gen. Hayden tells Senators he could tell them about illegal spying but then he would have to kill them...

Friday, May 12, 2006

Taking A Week Off 
I will be looking for Dick Cheney's secret bunker in Taxachusetts. The liberals would never look for him there.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Bombers Hit Again 
Who says nothing ever happens in Nepal? Apparently some freedom loving Nepalese patriots have taken to google bombing their Little Boots with Autocrat King.

Bush Hits 29%! 
Do Joe, Hillary, Joe and Obama want it to go a few points lower just to make sure it is safe to criticize The Misleader?

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

With Compromises Like That... 
The headline blares: CIA nominee may soften on eavesdropping
So what is this new, softer stance after the General has admitted to illegal warrantless wiretaps on Americans?
...he may be open to changes in eavesdropping law to allow the Bush administration's warrantless surveillance.
Lieberman, Feinstein, Cantwell, do not, I repeat, DO NOT endorse this travesty as a good compromise.

America Online? 
The America OnLine lay offs were all American employees.

World O' Crap Has Moved 
to World-o-Crap natch.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Where Reid, Clinton, Kerry And Others Fear To Tread 
Sen. Feingold about Iraq, "Our presence is a stimulant to terrorist activity. "

That is precisely why "staying the course" will not do a damn thing for the U.S. or Iraq.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Because It Worked So Well In Iraq 
Reporters will be embedded with the government during natural disasters...

Is this to avoid the embarassment of having reporters show up days before the emergency rescue workers?

Saturday, May 06, 2006

What The Bush Junta Has Forgotten 
The leading contender for CIA believes in no limits to his power to spy. Bush and his enablers in Washington, (I am looking at you, Sen. Cantwell) seem to have forgotten that the American people organized government to control police powers and not to have government organize police powers to control the American people.

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