Thursday, June 30, 2005

Iranian Election Controversy 
Is Iranian President-Elect one of the captors who held Americans captive in 1980? Why don't we ask George H W Bush if, indeed, this is one of the men he bargained with to keep Americans hostage longer to insure Jimmy Carter's defeat?

I'm back! 
I missed the news and the stuff from Bush's paid press while I was gone but it looks like opinion is starting to catch up with what I wrote nearly two years ago. Bush's Iraq War Has Failure Written All Over It

The esteemed Billmon said it on June 29, 2005: Failure is an Option

Expert on democratic governance sees failure in Iraq

This out of the way corner of blogtopia is a lot like the news and informed opinion - only sooner.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Off To Disneyland 
I will be back in a little over a week. I hate the corporation but my child loves the place.

Monday, June 20, 2005

What A Real President Says 
President Clinton, Unlike the pretender and usurper, the totally abject miserable failure, sees something unAmerican about Bush's torturing brown people who worship differently than Bush. The Financial Times reported:
Mr. Clinton said the test for judging whether harsh treatment of terrorist suspects was justified was whether it challenged the “fundamental nature” of American society. If the answer is Yes, you have already given the terrorists a profound victory.”

Friday, June 17, 2005

Durbin Takes Gas For Remarks 
Fascists complain that someone said something bad about their dear leader.
Bush returns salute.

Update: Durbin snatches defeat from the maw of victory. His courageous stance could have earned him frontrunner status for the Dem Pres nominee in 2008. His crying apology/retraction earned him the displeasure of Democrats and Republicans (not all Dems and Rethugs but many of both). He can't carry Iowa (not that carrying Iowa is any indicator of success, right John?) The rules are simple, like NTodd said, Godwin's Law Has Been Suspended (scroll down blogger link bloggered)

Yes, I know Jon Stewart made fun of Durbin (that was the first indication I had that Durbin would apologize for speaking the truth) but that is because Jon, as brilliant and funny as he is, doesn't recognize that Fallujah is an Iraqi Sunni's Kristalnacht. Oops, I did it. A Hitler comparison. Guess what. I will not apologize for it and I will definitely not cry over it.

Friday, June 10, 2005

More Truth Than Poetry 
Remember the outrage that Jadakiss created with the song containing the line, "Why Did Bush Knock Down The Towers?" It seems the music got it right. The CIA blocked the memo that was supposed to go the FBI alerting them to the 9/11 plot. Bush and the PNACers wanted a Pearl Harbor. They got it. It had the effect their cold, murderous hearts desired. The neocons had means, motive and opportunity but there will be no investigations.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Old Fashioned Patriot - Like The News Only Sooner 
In February I wondered if Dean would be perceived as too partisan to head the Democratic National Committee. Voila! I give you the Howard-Dean Partisan "news" search at Google.

Poor, widdle Republicans, nasty Democratic chairman says bad things about them.

Friday, June 03, 2005

13 Months And Counting 
It is has been over a year since I published my Iraq Peace Plan. There are two things that I would add because of the Downing Street Memo. We must impeach Bush and pledge to not fight extradition if Bush is charged by the International Court of Justice for crimes against humanity.

Bush - Failing To Make Us Safer Every Day 
The UN has determined biological and chemical material has disappeared from 109 sites in Iraq. From being asleep at the switch before 9/11 to arming the people he is bombing, what has George Bush ever done well besides steal elections>

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