Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Republican Convention Features Two Minute Hate 
Senator McCain (R - Tool) bashed filmmaker Michael Moore. The crowd then went wild and start shouting at Michael Moore. Mike seemed to take it in stride. Who knows, it might even extend the run of Fahrenheit 9/11 a bit longer.

McCain labelled Moore disingenuous. So I looked up in disingenuous in the dictionary and this is the picture I found Strong Leader?

Republicans Ignore Bush's Latest Flip Flop 
I thought Bush was supposed to be a resolute strong leader.
Bush says terror war unwinnable.
Bush says terror war winnable.

Doesn't Rove hate it when his sock puppet goes off message?

Monday, August 30, 2004

Hey, America! 
psst.... Yes, you. We know you enjoy bombing brown people so if one of your goals is to bomb Iran back to the stone age then so-called "strong leader" Bush can't be your choice. He is using the same runup for his discredited atrocities in Iraq for Iran. Kerry may or may not decide to bomb Iran but if he does he actually has a chance of building an international coalition for it. At this point, I think even Bush's poodle might hesistate to bomb Iran.

Inquiring minds want to know 
Will Bush repeat his tasteless trifecta joke this week in such close proximity to Ground Zero? I think he needs to put it into his acceptance speech and not just let rich donors hear it.

Cheney to America - Go Fuck Yourself! 
Cheney snarled:
"All of us are gathering this week for one reason and one reason only, and that is to make certain that George W. Bush is president for the next four years."

Why four more years, Dick? Does the statue of limitations for some of your crimes run out by then?

Sunday, August 29, 2004

Will the media dismiss this 
as just a focus group?

Even Better Google Bomb 
Unfit For Command

That reminds me - yet another Google bomb 
Swiftboat Liars Trying to Get Deserter Bush Elected.

Better yet Unfit for Command

100 Monkeys Typing > NY Tmes 
NY Times, WAPO, Asspress (lol, skippy) USToady (also lol skippy) couldn't figure out what a blogger (100 Monkeys typing) could. The asswipe who Bush sent to meet war hero Cleland (wrong war, wrong reaons, qWaqmire just like iWaq) turns out to be a major funder of the Swiftboat Liars to Try and Get Deserter Bush Elected.

The "Strong Leader" or The Sex Maniac? 
In the Bill Maher show that produced this gem with Michelle "Detain all Muslims, Jews, Japs and Blue Eyes" Malkin. Bill interviewed Gary Hart, former Senator whose bid for Presidency was derailed by a sex scandal. Apparently, Oversexed Gary was warning about terrorist attacks before 9/11 and long before button down deserter George Bush could spell or pronounce terrorist. The most oversexed President since JFK (the Kennedy not the Kerry) produced the best economy, best personal income gains and most newly minted millionaires ever. So the oversexed candidate and the oversexed President were warning about terrorism before 9/11 and the oversexed President produced unrivaled economic gains for all Americans and also warned Bush about terrorists. Maybe there is something to be said for oversexed Presidential candidates rather than right wing, no-fun fundamentalists.

Saturday, August 28, 2004

Taking Oxycontin means never having to think 
George "Take a Vacation for a month after being warned Osama bin Laden would attack inside US" Bush wants to make an issue of Kerry's attendance? In a Congress that is controlled by hateful Republicans like DeLay who won't let Democrats have conference rooms? Go back to your Oxycontin, morons.

Dirty Tricks - More than a Bush Family Tradition 
As Dick Meyer points out:
Any student of Bush family campaigns could have seen the swift boat shiv shining a mile away. This old family has traditions – horseshoes, fishing, bad syntax and having the help do the dirty work in campaigns as well as the kitchen. And they are very good at getting jobs done without leaving fingerprints, without compromising their patrician image and their alleged character.

Skolnick reports:
Old-timers with covert operations expertise felt in their gut that something about the year 2000 presidential election blitz was part of an intelligence agency covert scheme.

Bush and his Dad wouldn't use his Dad's CIA connections to subvert American democracy or would they?

Media Surprised - Americans Figure It Out 
Regarding the Swift Boat Liars for Bush ads,
50 percent said in polling the next two nights that the Bush campaign was connected to the ads and 34 percent said it was not.

I guess the media is going to have to bark harder, longer and louder for the liar and deserter, George W. Bush to be the war hero.

Friday, August 27, 2004

Karma can be a bitch, baby! 
Another of the Swift Boat Liars has his credibility torn to shreds and is put on leave for lying about an office affair.

Dear Sen Edwards 
Please use some of that charm and go after Dick Cheney! Shouldn't there be some investigations called for into the missing billions of Iraq money and the no-bid cost plus contracts? Use that charm to be Sen. Kerry's attack dog.

Thank you.

Thursday, August 26, 2004

Bush to McCain - Jump For Me 
McCain to Bush - How high?

Police Officers For Kerry 
International Brotherhood of Police Officers Endorses John Kerry for President
Says 2000 Choice George Bush Has Turned His Back on Police Officers

Wouldn't it be great if the New York's Finest joined the protests at the Republican Convention?

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Why are NASCAR dads voting for Bush? 
Over the last two years real income has shrunk. With Bush's new right to work longer for no extra pay rules Americans must now work longer to earn less. I don't think of them as cheap labor conservatives (aka conceptualguerilla.com) but more as cheat labor conservatives.

Sunday, August 22, 2004

Munch's Scream and Madonna were stolen.

Media Throws Election to Bush 
Bush was AWOL and can't show records that prove otherwise.
Kerry has records of his duty.

Guess which one the news media questions?

Saturday, August 21, 2004

Helping Hands Support Does Push Poll 
Obviously run by Bush supporters. I wonder if it is going to be used in their GOTV effort. I have no idea who Helping Hands are except maybe Cheney helping himself to some more tax money.

Someone else got a call by this unknown group and also noticed its push poll aspects.

Yeah, baby! 
Kerry Urges Bush to Demand Attacks Stop Rove is a one (dirty) trick pony so Bush won't. If Bush doesn't, he looks like the mean, vile, anti-military asshole that he is. If Bush does give in, guess who looks more Presidential!

You made that bed, Shrubya, now lie in it.

Sunday, August 15, 2004

Freedom Ketchup 
This ketchup which, for all I know tastes like rat poison, takes a slam at Democrats. It does honor Reagan, who as you recall, tried to make ketchup count as a second vegetable in school lunches. WKetchup, it's the color of blood for a reason.

Republicans Flip Flop Yet Again 
Small town will pay security costs for Bush's campaign fundraiser. This is after Rep Dunn (R-Ripoff) had promised that the party of responsibility would pay their own way.

The "official visit to honor a volunteer" was the excuse Bush used to stick taxpayers with his 2.4 million fundraising spree. He could have really honored volunteerism by giving part of his take to any of the charities his bumbling has destroyed.

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

News You Can't Use 
The Empire State Building dimmed its lights to mark the passing of Fay Wray. They have their lighting schedule posted. It is going to be Red, White and Blue for the Republican National Convention instead of the more appropriate Tom Ridge approved Orange.

Science Breakthrough! 
Brazil has decoded the coffee gene. They plan to use cross fertilization rather high-tech gene splicing to achieve their new super coffees.

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

No Sooner Said Than Done 
Bush talked about ways to "harm our country." Mission Accomplished. His adminstration's outing of another undercover operative has allowed Al-Qaeda (as opposed to Al-Qwagmire) members to escape.

Edit: Damfa kindly points out I had the wrong event and the right event still has Bush's previously secret plan still intact.

Criminals Always Return to the Scene of the Crime 
Bush set to visit Medina for fund-raiser. Last time he stiffed the small town for his security bubble. What pretext is he using to make this an official, taxpayer paid visit to Washingtong state?

Kerry Starts Campaigning for Nader 
In Hindsight, Kerry Says He'd Still Vote for War Idiot, idiot, idiot, this is not the way to turn out the base. It is not the way to turn out the swing voter. What is Kerry's campaign theme, "Vote for me, I am pro-qWagmire and war crimes, too!"?

Saturday, August 07, 2004

Right! Gotcha! 
The latest talking point seems to be Kerry doesn't have a plan. Just what is Chimpus Unelectus's plan? Take over Baghdad and the flowers and candy will follow? Great plan! Give no-bid, cost plus contracts to the VP's company? Don't they warn against that at Harvard Business school? Great plan!

Thursday, August 05, 2004

Party of Responsibility? 
Private England faces a possible 38 years if convicted for her part in the Abu Ghraib torture cases. How many years should Bush and Rumsfeld get?

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

9/11 Panel Dismayed by Bush - Join the Club 
Bush's handpicked panel of apologists (aka the 9/11 Commission) were dismayed by the Pretzelnut's reaction to their recommendations. They say new Director of Intelligence needs real clout.

Why I ask? He will just write a memo that will get ignored as Bush goes to vacation in Crawford.

Dude! Where's My Recovery? 
Consumer spending plunged to lowest level in 3 years. Recovery renamed to Wreckovery.

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