Sunday, February 29, 2004

Greenspan Declares War on Middle Class 
Bush's words of giving people their money back never sat right with me. Partially because I know he is a liar and partially because I know I got squat from the trillions of dollars that he and his Republican thugs have looted from Social Security.

Social Security, remember is paid by taxes on wages and is capped at 87,000. As Calpundit reminds us, Greenspan was behind this huge tax increase on working people to fund baby boomers' retirement. Alan Greenspan's testimony was absolutely pivotal in getting Bush's insane trillion dollar giveaways to rich people. How does Alan Greenspan, the cheap labor conservative plan to pay for giving trillions of dollars to rich people? By taking it from your grandmother, your parents, your brothers and sisters, from your kids and from you.

Bush and Greenspan have laid waste to America's economy. Why are they still in power? Why does the Reverse Robin Hood hate old people?

Saturday, February 28, 2004

What the hell is that WIMP George W Bush doing? 
Yes, the W stands for WIMP. Uggabugga's graphic of Bush's 9/11 activities is infuriating.
What the hell does that wimp who murders women and children in Iraq (and who knows where else) have to hide from the 9/11 Commission? Why the hell isn't that miserable failure testifying under oath about why he ignored warnings from intelligence agencies all over the world about an impending attack? His reluctance to come clean on it makes me think he let it happen so that he could become a popular wartime pretzel choker.

Friday, February 27, 2004

UN Report on Iraq Elections Today 
It isn't going to be pretty. It is Friday, after all.

So if we had a free press rather than media conglomerates that are addicted to Bush's insane tax cuts for the wealthy at the expense of hardworking Americans there would be a few changes made in reporting. For example, the Bush lap dog press hasn't even printed or broadcast corrections like:

End of major combat operations nonstop press coverage.
Operation Iraqi Freedom No Bid, Cost Plus Halliburton Contracts.
No ChildMost Children Left Behind.
Economic Recovery Outsourcing and Stagflation.

Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Passion of the Christ? 
I will either Passover it or give it up for Lent, I am not sure which...

Bush robs Social Security Blind 
Doesn't want this year's seniors to know it. He gets Republican deficit enabler Alan Greenspan to deliver the news.

Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Putin Dismisses Entire Government 
Former KGB chief turned president dismisses entire government. In related news, Bush asks for an article 117 to be added to the US constitution. Senator Tom Daschle (D- Spineless) is expected to introduce it.

Monday, February 23, 2004

Could you read that again! 
I sense a #1 Conservative Idiot in store for Rod Paige for declaring NEA is a terrorist organization. My mom belonged to the NEA. The most radical thing she ever did was changed from a lifelong Republican to a registered Democrat after seeing how Nixon laid waste to American education. If she were alive today she would recognize that Nixon was bush league in comparison to Bush when it came to hurting our nation's education needs.

If teachers are terrorists what does that make one of Bush's cabinet secretaries? Will Bush ask him to resign? Will George Bush please go now?

Saturday, February 21, 2004

Two Big Myths About Dean 
Gore's endorsement and Saddam's capture did him in.

Gore's endorsement didn't do Dean in. Dean's spoken opposition to media conglomeration did. Compare and contrast:

Reagan got the endorsement (and money) from only one labor union in the country. The Air Traffic Controllers. What you say? There is no such thing as an Air Traffic Controllers Union. I agree that is true but only because Reagan fired the members of the only union that supported him for election but he waited until after the election to do it.

What Dean could have done, if he was as dishonest as Ronald Reagan, was schmooze the media, telling them anything they wanted to hear taking their money and after the election reversing Bush's media concentration efforts. Have you ever wondered why the media gives a lying, no good, AWOL, two faced, incompetent, unelected nincompoop like Bush free pass after free pass? It is because Bush pandered to their interest at the cost of every single American's interest.

Capturing (actually retrieving, he had already been captured) Saddam isn't what did Dean in. We are still on the hook for Bush's lack of judgement. We are still on the hook for Bush's lies. We are still on the hook for Bush's war crimes. Unpopular but true. Saddam's capture did not make Americans any safer. Americans in the US were never endangered by Saddam and Americans who are in Iraq because of Bush's illegal invasion are dying at a faster rate after Saddam's capture. Feel better?

Dean spoke the truth and that is what did him in. It is in his training. It is the curse of being a doctor. A patient could go to him and say I don't want to die of cancer or a heart attack but I still want to smoke 3 packs a day. Dean would tell that patient he was fooling himself. If Bush was his doctor he would say, "Go ahead" and have a cigarette vending machine in his lobby.

Cross Post from http://forums-new.deanforamerica.com thanking Dr. Dean 
I met Sen. Eugene McCarthy nearly 30 years ago and that short meeting changed my life and changed it for the better. Politics were no longer an abstraction; ideals were no longer impractical. He was the conscience of the Democrats in 1968. He, like you, took an unpopular stand because it was right. A stand that, later, many people saw was right and it in fact became popular. This, I believe is the essence of leadership. Democrats chose Humphrey over McCarthy. America chose Nixon over Humphrey; we know how that turned out.

I believe that no matter how Bush and DeLay bumble the present for personal gain that eventually America will recover and move forward. My sadness now is as it was then. I believe Gene and you, if given the chance, could have remedied what was wrong faster than the favored course of events. There is no solace for what could have been but I thank you for trying.

Have Bush's lies killed a million people? 
I have been thinking about what is the approximate number killed by Bush's war crimes? Around 10,000 civilians have been proven killed so what is the Army's collateral damage rate? Is it 10% or 1%? If 10% of the people killed with our precision weapons are civilians then that means Bush killed 100,000 people. If the accuracy of these precision munitions is only 1% collateral damage then that means a million people were killed. A million people killed to save them from someone who gassed his own people. Perhaps this is why Iraqis think the cure was worse than the cause.

Friday, February 20, 2004

Rewrite Until You Get It Right 
If I was the editor for this story:

John Kerry's protests against the Vietnam War and President Bush's wartime service in the National Guard generate disapproval largely among people who already have made up their minds against that particular candidate...

should read

...President George Bush's lack of wartime service in the National Guard ...

Notice they don't address Kerry with the title he earned but addressed Bush with a title he didn't earn.

Of course, the poll results wouldn't be so neutral if it was framed correctly:

John Kerry's Congressional testimony against the Vietnam War based on his personal experiences and George Bush's skipping out on his wartime service in the National Guard while securing an early discharge unlike the tens of thousands of National Guards troops that Bush has ordered to stay beyond their hitch to try and remedy the quagmire that Bush created so he and his friends could own Iraqi oil with untold deaths of Americans and Iraqis because Bush lied about why he wanted to invade another country generate disapproval largely among people who already have made up their minds against that particular candidate...

UggaBugga Saw Something Funny 
Bush doing his Chance the Gardener routine. Something about gay marriages and how Bush likes to watch...

Thursday, February 19, 2004

Google Caves In to Right Wingers 
The Miserable Failure has been removed from their search. In a show of partisanship they did leave Jimmy Carter, Hillary Clinton and Michael Moore.

Update: If you type in "a miserable failure" it still works which means they are deliberately filtering it.

Wednesday, February 18, 2004

FCC Chairman? 
I would like to see Dr Dean hold sway over media conglomerates after Kerry beats the tar out of Bush. Hee Hee. Talk about poetic justice. Ralph Nader for Attorney General and Ken Lay won't sleep after that. Clark for VP with Kucinich for Defense Secretary. George Bush for riding point on IED sweeps in Iraq.

Thanks, Dr Dean 
Gone is the cayenne pepper of the campaign, back to the mainstream diet of milquetoast, zwieback and pablum. The media pretends that habanero and serrano don't exist.

Good news! 
Google adds a billion more pages to its index! Why do you care? Bush regained his number one spot as a miserable failure.

WMD? Judith Miller? Ahmed Chalabi? 
Bush, alleged President,and Judith Miller, alleged NY Times WMD expert, apparently both relied on Ahmed Chalabi, known convicted bunco felon, for their information that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction. Chalabi's punishment for misleading our misLeader? $400 million in military contracts. I guess it is safe to say that it isn't a finder's fee.

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

No free boobie for you! 
Fox Broadcasting announced it "has several enhancements in our time-delay system in an effort to significantly reduce the risk of broadcasting objectionable content within live entertainment broadcasts."
If they really wanted to remove objectionable content from their broadcasts, I suggest they fire their entire "news" lineup. A lie detector onscreen when the Chimperor is talking would also be helpful.

UPI Article - I bet it gets a rewrite soon 
It says, "Something has happened the likes of which have never before been seen during this residency: George W. Bush and Karl Rove are on the defensive "

Ha ha, I couldn't have said it better myself.(Emphasis mine)

Monday, February 16, 2004

Happy Presidents' Day 
Roger Ailes says it best.

Meanwhile, Resident Bush is campaigning in Flordia, he doesn't want to lose it again. NASCAR dads should be afraid, very, very afraid. The history of Bush photo-ops doesn't portend well for them.

Will the "Independent" Intelligence Commission Find This? 
US Today reports there was a study in Dec 2002 that said war would undermine the search for snipes WMD in Iraq. Apparently, no one woke Bush from his nap to tell him so.

Saturday, February 14, 2004

Write On! 
The Guardian asked writers to write about Iraq. Even John le Carré was against it:

"I opposed the war before it began, wrote against it in the Times and marched against it in London. I believed then, and believe now, that this illegal and unprovoked invasion will lead to greater instability and suffering in the region than existed before it was launched."

Maybe Czechoslovakia led the way. Maybe we should elect writers rather than "actors."

Friday, February 13, 2004

Whore Media Giant Caves in on Google Bomb 
AOL (hmm, isn't that aWol with a missing W?) has removed the Miserable Failure's biography from its search results for Miserable Failure. In a show of political partisanship though they left Michael Moore's, Hillary Clinton's and Jimmy Carter's pages in the result.

Wingnuts' google bomb to divert Miserable Failure from their dear misLeader to www.michaelmoore.com succeeded to put Mike's site on top but failed miserably to divert attention from Shrubya. Mike is wise to them and their link to him brings up a page about Deserter Bush.

BTW, those who participated in the highly accurate and relevant Google bomb <a href="http://www.whitehouse.gov/president/gwbbio.html" target="gwbio">Miserable Failure</a> are encouraged to place the link on their home page so that Shrubya is returned to his rightful, number 1 spot.

Ralph, Ralph, Ralph  
Ralph Nader accuses The Nation magazine of censorship by asking him not to run. Asking for voluntary restraint to avert four more years of Mad Cowboy Disease is the same as preventing him from running? Politics is the art of the possible. Ralph winning the election, if possible would be ideal but it isn't even a remote possibility. The Democrats should offer Ralph Nader the Attorney Generalship in exchange for not running. Corporate felons will see justice then.

Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Wait a minute! 
How is the religious right going to enforce the ban on gay marriages when it passes? Will all couples be forced to strip in front of the county clerk while signing the forms? How else will the clerk know that they aren't breaking the law?

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Now that Resident Bush has said outsourcing is a good thing 
Will the film industry be next? Tired of paying stars $20 million a picture and they want to have final say? Perhaps studios and networks should go Bollywood!

Did hell just freeze over? 
Bill O'Rielly made good on his promise to apologize if it was discovered that Bush lied to get us into war.

Update: As Collective Sigh pointed out in comments and Damfacrats pointed out on his blog that Billy wants to blame Tenet. O'Rielly doesn't think Bush lied. I guess professional liars must have some sort of code to not out each other...

So many bombs; so little time 
Damfacrats gave me the idea for Timid Tim.

Monday, February 09, 2004

Bush concedes pre-war intel was wrong  
So, Bush concedes pre-war intel was wrong. If aWol had listened to the millions of people marching before the first bomb was dropped rather than dismissing them as a focus group then he, too, could have demonstrated some pre-war intelligence.

Sunday, February 08, 2004

It all depends on how you define "budget" 
The popular war time President Pretzel choker says the deficit is because of the war. As the Ghost of Howard Beale points out : that spending isn't accounted for in Bush's budget.

Saturday, February 07, 2004

Why, of course! 
Bush Military Record , I saw it at Blah3.

White House Whitewash 
The Commission to Change the Subject ties Bush's lies about WMD in Iraq with 9/11. I quote, "in order to ensure the most effective counter-proliferation capabilities of the United States and response to the September 11, 2001..."

The name courtesy of Democratic Veteran. The link to Bush's Executive Order creating the Commission to Change the Subject from Corrente.

Friday, February 06, 2004

I posted on the Dean Forum 
I will see how the Kucinich, Clark and Dean turnout is going into the Washington state caucus. Kerry doesn't deserve the nomination and it will hurt the party if he gets a lock so soon.

Why I am against the war, George Bush and John Kerry 
My daughter is 12 years old. When she is 18 she will be eligible for the draft to fight and die in Bush's unnecessary war in Iraq. This qWagmire was enabled by John Kerry's foolish support. He believed a proven liar because the Republicans scared him into doing it. Neither Bush nor Kerry are fit to lead this great nation.

Don't Confuse Bush's Commission Members With the Facts 
From the oh, so well named Counterspin Bush's "Independent" Commission appointee John McCain has decided before hand that Bush did nothing wrong. Hey, McCain, you or Colin Powell could have taken Bush out this year for the Republican nomination and handily beat John Kerry if you hadn't decided to sell your soul and lie for the war criminal sitting in Al Gore's office.

Why it really is Bush's recession. 
California, love it or hate it, is the largest economic engine this country has. It's entrepreneurial spirit that was creating jobs and profits for America was killed by Enron's manipulation of its energy market. This started the death spiral that America is only beginning to recover from. Bush has refused to indict his friend and campaign financier Ken Lay. This recession started with California's energy crisis which was started by Bush and Cheney's friend Ken Lay. End of story.

The Democratic Party - Weakness Through Caucuses 
The regular Democratic Party hacks in Washington state who, like Kerry, bent over for every bad idea that Bush has foisted upon this great country are going to turn out the vote for Bush's bedfellow and fellow Skull & Boner, John Kerry.

The many differences between liberals and conservatives as revealed by Google Bombs 
Wingnuts who objected to linkage of their favorite codpiece in a flight suit to the words Miserable Failure are pleased to have gotten Oscar Winner Who Gave the Best Speech in the History of the Oscars to come up as the first place in Google's searching for Bush. The differences between their Google bomb and ours?

Ours is funny; theirs is not. If I was anti-Mikey there are a few Google bombs that would be fun to lob at him but I am not going to give the wingnuts the terms that would actually be funny...

Those of us behind putting Bush in his rightful place as the top pick for the #1 MF got lots of hate email from right wingers. My guess is no right wingers got any hate mail from any liberals for their Google bombing the Oscar Winner Who Gave the Best Speech in the History of the Oscars as a "Miserable Failure." It appears that liberals are the side with a sense of humor and personal responsibility while the conservatives are busy engaging in hate speech and hate email.

As the Vast Left Wing Conspiracy points out the wingers won a battle but lost the war. People searching for the #1 hit for "Miserable Failure" won't see the highly relevant Bush biography at the White House but they will see a page about Bush's Miserable Failure as a National Guardsman, a situation that is a real hot button thanks to Michael Moore's willingness to call someone aWol over 30 days a deserter...

BTW the link <a href="http://www.whitehouse.gov/president/gwbbio.html" target="gwbio">Miserable Failure</a> needs to be somewhere on your template so it always on your home page. Google ranks links by their nearness to the home page and a link below (or above) your blogroll will make sure it always gets the highest ranking it deserves. I think this is why the wingnuts won this round even though far more blogs link to Bush for "miserable failure".

Latest cruel joke on America by Bush 
In the tradition of OJ looking for the real killer and Gropenfuhrer investigating himself, we now have Bush appointing an "independent" commission to investigate what he knew before he murdered thousands of Iraqi civilians and killed and maimed thousands of Americans.

The reporters stenographers will report this as news. But it is a lot simpler than all this.

When it comes to examining the pre-war intelligence in the White House, much like the vaunted search for WMD in Iraq, we won't find any.

Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Interesting Take on New Hampshire Votes 
Surprise! Surprise! An investigation by Exploded View shows it looks like Kerry's huge margin in New Hampshire, which didn't jive with exit polls, was delivered by Diebold machines. I guess those Skull & Boners have to stick together...

Latest Google Bomb! 
The incredibly perceptive VLWC espied my latest attempt at Google bombing. The cruel joke on America

That is:
<a href="http://georgewbush.com/Default.aspx" target="cruel">cruel joke on America</a>
should you wish to paste it somewhere in your blog (preferably in the evil portion of your blogroll)

Hey, you! Yes, you! 
Rep Pelosi. Can we have an impeachment resolution against the liar sitting in Al Gore's office? I know the Republicans will vote it down but I think you should have it on the record...

Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Yo, Kerry! I am calling you out! 
I have voted straight Democratic since I could vote (over 28 years). Your sorry, lame excuse for voting for Bush's war has not impressed me. Who should be the last soldier to die for yours and Bush's mistake? Your sorry ass vote for Bush's war will not turn me out to vote for you. You are the first Democratic candidate for President that has had to beg for my vote; what are you going to do to win me over?

Do I have impossibly high standards? 
I want a leader who can do what is right... Dean and Kucinich and Sharpton and Clark, for all their shortcomings, real or imagined, knew that committing America to arrest Bush's father's errant employee wasn't worth the cost in American lives, dollars or prestige. Kerry, Edwards and Lieberman were all fooled by Bush. Fooled by Bush! Bush is a man that many in his own party recognize as an unprincipled liar. Millions of people around the world demonstrated to show they were not fooled by Bush's lies which amounted to a war of blood for oil. Kerry, Edwards and Lieberman turned deaf ears to those millions of voices. Is it too much to ask for the leader of the free world to be smarter than a doorstop?

Monday, February 02, 2004

Billionaires for Bush 
I think this is the real Bush campaign web site and not this cruel joke on America.

Sunday, February 01, 2004

CBS sinks to new low 
I am not referring to Timberlake's grab which CBS claims they had no idea was planned but the stupid fart commercial. CBS had a gross out fart joke commercial while contending MoveOn's great ad wasn't up to their standards...

Diebold or Live Free 
From the invaluable Bartcop:

Security expert believes high school students could break into Diebold voting machines.

Why America is Falling Apart 
Bush lies. Cheney steals. What do "reporters" write about? They "inform" us about Dean's socks, Clark's sweater, Kerry's hair. Investigative journalism at its best....

Damn, Damn, Damn 
Considering that Americans are willing to elect such third rate actors as Ronald Reagan, WWF Guy and the Gropinator as leaders it is too bad that people like Dean, Kucinich or Sharpton never got to star in Lethal Weapon 15 as Mel Gibson's sidekick. Why? Then the press would take them seriously in their run for office. Go figure.

All your base are belong to me 
The Miserable Failure is losing it. His base that is. A friend who was embarassed to introduce me to her friend as the person behind the Miserable Failure Google bomb because her friend is a staunch Republican was in for a surprise. Not only does her friend think Bush needs to be booted but her friend's father who has voted straight Republican for 50 years believes Bush should be given the pink slip.

Many people who objected to the Google bomb that cemented George Bush with Miserable Failure because of relevance will have an interesting test case that will make their head explode when they try to determine relevance. "American Blind" is the term in dispute. Some may feel that the number one hit for it should be the American Foundation for the Blind which it currently is. But a company that sells Venetian Blinds under the trademark "American Blind" believes their competitors can't use that as a keyword in their AdWord ad. If American Blind contributes $2000 to the Bush campaign and Cheney and Scalia go duck hunting again then we will know how that case will turn out...

Homonyms, synonyms, search engines and frivolous lawsuits. Welcome to the 21st century.

Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. National Galactic Treasure 
I have never thought about going to Cleveland until I saw this. The Ghost Shirt Rebellion he describes in Player Piano has been my clarion call in my campaign against Bush. I don't expect to win in my efforts to evict Bush from the White House but I am doing it for the record.

I had met Vonnegut years ago at a booksigning. I got there 3 hours early and my position in line looked promising but I hadn't counted on the friend factor. Nearly everyone in front of me was holding a spot in line for 2 or 3 friends. I started out as the 100th person in line and ended up the 400th (or so) person in line. Around the 200th person it was announced that Vonnegut wasn't going to talk or personalize books but would still sign them. The first two hundred people had worn my hero out. I must have stood in line for a total of 7 hours before it was my turn. The 300 hundred people behind me had given up. There were only 2 people behind me at that point. The book Timequake had an intriguing theme about failure. I had read the entire book while waiting in line. Mr. Vonnegut was visibily relieved to see the end of the line (two guys behind me who could't afford Timequake but had their old copies of Player Piano and Slaughterhouse Five and like me, in awe to be in the prescence of such genius) I thanked him for staying long enough that I wasn't a failure in getting his signature. He chuckled at that and signed my copy with what many people mistake to be an asterisk...

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