Thursday, September 25, 2003

Ted Rall - A Patriot Explains All 
Ted Rall, who makes some of the funniest cartoons I have ever seen is also a great essayist.
His "Why We Hate Bush" sums it up quite tidily.

Wednesday, September 24, 2003

Stop the 87 billion dollars! 
If we can't pay to have our troops there then they will have to come home. That is what the troops want. That is what most Americans want. That is what the Iraqis want. The only ones who want our troops there getting shot at by people trying to repel foreign invaders are the Republicans who are trying to steal Iraqi oil.

Groundhog Day at the UN 
Bush gives speech that many at the UN find insulting. He then asks them to do his bidding.

Ellen Mariani - All American Patriot 
Ellen Mariana is suing Bush for negligence in 9/11. I am sure that this will be used by Bush as why we need tort reform. (Bush as in the plaintiff in Bush vs Gore) and Fox "News" (the plaintiffs in Fox News vs Franken) will probably decry it as a frivolous nuisance suit.

Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Impeach the lying, murderous SOB already! 
When he stole office, Bush promised to uphold the Consititution. Just another lie, Mr. Bush?
Bush has suspended habeas corpus which didn't even have to be added to the Constitution as an amendment, it was part of the original plan. Do you know what a plan is, Mr. Bush? Apparently the only plans you ever make are blame the Democrats and call "Poppy" for help. Pathetic twit.

That's is what we have been saying! 
Commenting on the French plan to transfer Iraqi power to Iraqis, Dr. ConJob Rice said, "As all of us have said, the French plan, which would somehow try to transfer sovereignty to an unelected group of people, just isn't workable."

Oh, I guess she meant unelected folks in Iraq vs unelected folks in America...

Oh, wait, that doesn't parse either. The Iraqi Governing Council was appointed too.

I say give democracy a try in Iraq (hint, that means Bush doesn't get final say or right of first refusal in who runs) because empire sure isn't working...

Friday, September 19, 2003

Daddy, what did you do during the war on terra? 
The twins come up to Bush and ask him, "Daddy, before we drink this next shot in honor of your war in Iraq, why again, exactly are we fighting there?"

"Now, hunnies, don't go worryin' your purty little heads with things like that. We needed the war because the vee hicles that Poppy is selling to the guvment don't disintegrate on their own fast enough. We figured if the Army drove them around a country where every family has an RPG we could sell replacements quicker."

"But, Daddy, what about those Americans who die in those attacks?"

"Did I tell you about my war on unemployment?"

Thursday, September 18, 2003

Wesley Clark Announces 
As a long time, yellow dog Democrat, I am not thrilled at the prospect of voting for DLC's Wesley Clark (D- War Criminal) to replace George W. Bush (R- War Criminal)

Maybe Johnny can't read? 
John Ashcroft explains why he doesn't talk to newspaper reporters. Of course, another explanation is Ashcroft doesn't want anything left around in writing. Especially on paper. Choicepoint and Diebold haven't figured out how to alter paper yet.

Seemingly strange isn't it? 
The Bush occupation suddenly came clean on the lack of a 9/11 - Saddam connection. This left most of the left leaning blogosphere wondering, "Why admit this lie now?"

I think it is because some nervous Republicans are holding Shrub's feet to the fire. While
seemingly like a tin foil hat call let's look at the facts.

If the Democrats asked for this admission - Bush would piss on them and the pink tutu Democrats like Lieberman, Daschle and Biden would drink it up.
If a significant number of Republicans weren't asking for him to come clean - he would leave well enough alone.

He feels there is no danger in these bizarre, contradictory admissions because the Republicans who don't doubt him are happy either way. The Republicans who wanted him to put up or shut up are satisfied, for now.

The great unwashed, (you and me) either don't care, don't believe, or say it's about time.

None of this matters.

The Liar 'n' Thief is only biding his time until title of Iraqi oil is ceded to him and his cohorts. Democrats and many Republicans are only worried about truth, justice and the American Way while Rove and Bush have their eye on the ball. The ball? When is Iraqi oil going to be
privatized into their (Shrub's, Dickless', Co-lyin's, Dumsfeld's and ConJob "Oil Tanker" Rice's) names?

Don't cry for Ashcroft, his billions will come from bribes (oops, I mean filing fees) to release Americans from GTMO. Whether it is thousands paying millions or millions paying thousands, don't worry, he will be fabulously wealthy.

Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Tim Predmore, All American Patriot 
Tim Predmore, an American soldier, questions the lies that sent him to Iraq. My guess is he will get the dirtiest, most dangerous jobs for the remainder of his hitch...

Calling a coup a coup 
Maureen Farrell has an excellent article at Buzzflash describing George Bush's assault on Americans' voting rights as nothing less than a coup d'etat. In answer to her question, "When will Americans realize they've been had?" Sadly, not until Fox News tells them... as if that would ever happen...

Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Republican Conventional "Wisdom" 
Balancing the budget after giving trillions of dollars to rich, white folks will be a cakewalk.
Iraq will be a cakewalk.
Beating Dean in 2004 will be a cakewalk.

Randolph Sill, True American Patriot 
While exercising his all American right to free speech at the All American pastime the fascists covering up for the murderous Bush took this patriotic American away from the baseball game because they disagreed with his signs which they couldn't read...

Sunday, September 14, 2003

American Press Scooped Again 
While the White House Press Corps and the Pentagon Press Corps were busy taking dictation. (Pun intended) the folks over at the Guardian did some real reporting. American casualties (people taken off of the field of combat, oops I mean off of the field of victory) is closer to the 6,000 rather than the 1,100 Bush's puppets have been reporting.

Apparently, in Bush's America it is a crime to be a Muslim 
A Canadian was detained in Florida. His crime? He prays differently than Bush and Ashcroft.

Christian Science Monitor drinks Bush's Kool-Aid 
The Christian Science Monitor repeats the Bush lie that we are fighting the war on terror in Iraq. They reported that Bush is backing off his dream of making it a democracy? If that paper had reporters they would ask why? If they had hardball reporters they would ask, "Mr. Bush are you opposed to democracy in Iraq because they wouldn't vote to give you control of their oil fields?"

Bush "supports" our troops 
There is good news and bad news. The good news? Bush says it is going well (hmmm, no Mission Accomplished banner this time.) The bad news? Some units are having their tour extended to 18 months in Iraq. The good news inside the bad news? The troops will get to go home for two weeks sometime or another (unless sent home in a body bag first.) The absolutely vile news that only a cheap ass Republican would do while "supporting" our troops? The troops will have to pay their own airfare!

Saturday, September 13, 2003

Beating the Right in 3 Minutes! 
ConceptualGuerilla is one of my favorite sites. He makes a great argument about "cheap labor conservatives." I can't do his article justice by paraphrasing it... go read it if you want to win your next argument with a freeper... (Hint, it isn't the freeper's mind you are going to change but others who are listening (or reading))

Colin Powell Accuses Syrian Leader of Duplicity 
Duplicity - Deliberate deceptiveness in behavior or speech. I guess after being around George Bush all these years and after making the compelling but inaccurate speech to the UN which was the tipping point that hurtled America into this quagmire that Mr. Powell is well versed in duplicity...

Friday, September 12, 2003

We have questions; they want money 
There are many questions we need answered before Bush and his buddies see a penny of that $87 billion for their war of terror in Iraq.

1. Who gave the order on 9/11 for American fighter planes to stand down while several hijackings were taking place?
2. Show us the map of Iraq that Cheney drew with Bush's oil buddies in the secret meeting that took place prior to 9/11.
3. Before another penny can be committed, where is the $20 billion promised New York to rebuild?
4. Before another penny is committed, how large of a fund will we need to help the people harmed by Bush forcing the EPA to lie about the quality of the air? Should America tax payers pay for Bush's lie or should it come from his personal fortune?
5. Before another penny is committed, why are the veterans from the first Gulf War being treated so shabbily? How many of these young people are now dead of cancer due to their exposure to the dust left from American depleted uranium weapons?
6. Before another penny is committed, where is the trust fund for our current soldiers who will suffer debilitating diseases and die early deaths due to cancer from exposure to depleted uranium dust?
7. Before another penny is given to Halliburton, has there been an audit to see if the services paid for are being rendered? We pay for enough water for our troops but they don't seem to be getting it.
8. Why does the US use depleted uranium? These munitions are listed as WMD by the UN.
9. Why is this administration afraid of the International Court of Justice? Is it because they know they have violated the Geneva Convention and committed war crimes?

Remember, it pays to be an American ally 
The problem is, helping Americans in Iraq doesn't pay very well. 8 Iraqi policemen dead, shot by American soldiers. What are we doing there?

Thursday, September 11, 2003

A sad day to remember 
Bush has no shame. At fundraisers he has joked about 9/11 as winning the trifecta.

His smirky comment that he had always said Social Security was untouchable unless there was a recession, a national emergency or a war is a lie. The first recorded instance of him saying it is after he got the August 6th intelligence report he won't show 9/11 investigators.

I can only conclude that at the very least he knew and let it happen. Impeach the SOB! Try him for war crimes!

Monday, September 01, 2003

How the Democrats can differentiate themselves from the Republicans 
It is so simple! Democrats need to disclose that neither they or anyone in their immediate family will profit from the misery of American GIs and Iraq civilians. Bush will never be able to make that pledge. His family probably sees more profit from selling treads for Bradlee Fighting Vehicles then all 3 million folks who lost their jobs, thanks to Bush, will see in unemployment benefits.

Dave Walters tells it like it is 
Sadly, for Dave Walters, pointing out Bush's lies probably means Ashcroft will ship him to Guantanamo. Of course, we will never know who AssCroft sends because he doesn't have to tell us because of the so called "Patriot Act" Bah, humbug!

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